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Custom Logos

All logos are custom-designed — i.e., not clip art — and provide you with that all-important first-impression, creating the unique image that is your company.

We understand that a logo's ultimate purpose is in not only explaining who your company is, but also what your company does.

If your company's current logo needs a little revamping, we can do that too! It's a great way to remarket yourself for the ever-changing marketplace.

Once approved, all versions of your logo (for both print and web) are provided on either a master disk or via email, in any format* and colour breakdown you request.


See Corporate Branding and Identity Development for overall design goals for your company.



*All logos are originally created using Adobe software, and are vector-based, so can be exported into any format requested.


Business Cards

Whether all you need is a simple 1-colour, 1-sided business card, or something more fancy, we can design accordingly. We'll even handle the printing aspect for you so you can get on with your day!



From simple bi-fold and tri-fold brochures; all the way to full-colour, multi-page, magazine-style brochures — there is no brochure
too big or small. We can even repurpose the final product to work on your website to keep a sense of consistency within your company.

Whether you simply need some corporate charts or graphs, or something a little more abstract, we can custom-create graphics for your brochure. We can adapt to suit your need.

You can choose to provide us with all of your content (copy and images), have us edit your copy and/or graphics, or have us create everything from scratch. We'll create a package that's customized just for you... we can even take care of the printing!



Do you need a simple 1-sided flyer to photocopy, or an attention-grabbing hand-out for a bulletin board or conference? If so, we'll find
the solution that'll work the best for you!


Ongoing Publications

Need a publication — for e.g., a newsletter, newspaper, or magazine — to be output on a consistent basis? We can handle it from the base design — or take your current design — through to however many issues you may need in a year! We can also project manage the printing aspect; or if all you need are the files uploaded to your site, we can prep and upload them accordingly.

If all you need is a clean, organized design as a base-template for your company to use for subsequent issues, that can be arranged too.



We'll customize a powerful, concise, Powerpoint slideshow presentation specifically for you that'll keep your viewers attention 100% focused. We can either use your text and graphics or create it all from scratch.


Promotional Pieces

The options for promo items are endless — from pens and office items, through to quirky gadgets and apparel — so the process be rather overwhelming and costly if you're unsure of how to proceed.

We will not only do the research to help target what would work best for your company, but also:

  • select the best vendor-option vs production and price-per-piece,
  • design and supply the artwork for your piece,
  • coordinate the printing and quality checking of the final pieces, and
  • deliver it right to your door*.

Just call us today and we'll help guide you based on your company's needs and budget.

*Shipping and handling charges may apply.



Thanks to the computer, hand-written calligraphy may be seen less frequently, but it is irreplaceable nonetheless. If you want the authenticity and uniqueness that only pen and ink can offer, we can accommodate.


Photo Editing

Using Adobe Photoshop, we can review your digital photo(s) — or scan your print(s) — and then discuss the levels of repair/editing that we can undertake to achieve your desired result. Whether you have a held a photoshoot of your product and simply need, for example, a custom collage created for your website banner, we can make it work. The final deliverable can either be a printed piece, or a digital file that is ready for print or the web... you choose!


Printing coordination is offered for all projects — either using one of our own, reliable printers, or yours!
Just call us at 301.602.4367 — or email — to discuss many options available.

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