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A template is the creation of a master electronic file* that is created in a clean, and organized manner so that when the text is ready, it can be flowed easily into the file by using the pre-assigned settings. This way the look of the document can also be replicated for future projects.

Designing a base template requires the creation of styles (text characteristic settings), page margins, and overall spacing, which forces a consistency amongst your files throughout your company, for e.g., letterhead, proposals, and reports. True templating is also advised when working with pieces that are produced more than once, for e.g., newsletters, newspapers, and brochures.

Further benefits of templating are:

  • a design can be approved before the text is even ready,
  • template settings can be easily and quickly applied by anyone knowing the basics of the software†.

*Contact us regarding platform and software preferences.

Training on applying the template settings can either be handled in-person, and/or with a marked-up hard copy or pdf of the template instructions.



This is when you apply the base template settings — as mentioned above — to your text to ensure consistency.

At AnyArt Studios, we can create your initial base template — for example, for your company newsletter —and then project manage flowing your raw text as often as you need it done... weekly, monthly, annually, it doesn't matter! What does matter, is that your company, and it's documentation and materials, come across in a professional, and organised manner. Thorough quality checks are included in this service.



This is for files or projects that simply need to be assigned consistency (spacing, style, etc.)*, or have corrections entered.

*For example, projects like large proposals not only need to follow certain specifications, but with their many contributors also need to be made visually consistent to give the final piece that polished and unified look that is 100% ready for submission.

Thorough quality checks are included in this service.



This is when one takes the base template, and reproduces it in whatever language(s) necessary, so it looks just like the original. This can be done with any project — from a simple brochure, through to a 100+ page manual or book. Thorough quality checks are included in this service.


Quality Checking

At each milestone of a project, all projects — no matter how big or small — undergo a thorough quality check to ensure that the highest accuracy, and consistency is achieved. These checks can either be performed on the hard copy itself, or via editing mark-ups in the software itself.



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