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Corporate Branding and Identity Development

If you're a new business and still trying to figure-out your company's direction, or a more established company trying to reinvent yourself with an updated look, we can help guide you through that maze.

We will walk you through all of the key questions, and get you to a point where you, and your intended audience, will know exactly who and what your company is and does.

From logo development, through company literature, websites, and promotional pieces, we can build you a strong and meaningful identity that will solidly brand your image to give life to your company and it's mission.

Once your company is fully-established, we'll be your loyal support team that will help you maintain that image thus keeping your business strong, and growing in all of the right directions!



Application Training

Whether mac or pc-based, a beginner or more, we can help you get the most out of your current software.

Training options we provide:


  • Your office (if located in the DC-metro area); or
  • a customized webinar can be created.


  • Individual or group training is available;
  • training session(s) will be based on ability level, so all levels are welcome.


Each training session is customized once skill level and needs are determined. Here are some examples of — but not limited to — training courses offered:

  • Creating and using templates that will give your company a consistent image;
  • Prepress — how to properly prepare your files for printing; and
  • The 'how to' basics of a successful design;
  • How to Project Manage — maintaining an organizied and healthy work flow.

Applications currently offered*:

Adobe: InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, and Flash.

Microsoft: Word, Powerpoint, and Excel.

*Call if your application is not currently listed.


Project Management

Need help in streamlining your projects? We can either take on the role of Project Manager in its entirety for a specific project, or series of projects; or provide solutions to help you organize — and maximize — your current work flow and procedures.



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